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Have Your Home Inspected For Environmental Hazards & Moisture Effetcs

The quality of the Indoor Air in your home can have a direct affect on the health of your family. Our job is to ensure that you are fully informed about these environment issues in the property you own or are about to own.

At CPI Consulting we go far beyond what a typical home inspection service performs in the way of indoor environmental investigation. We will inspect for a wide range of hazards based on the complaint or concern of our clients and, if necessary, perform the following tests:

  • Mold assessment
  • Indoor Air Sampling (Mold, Allergens, Gases, Soot, Carbon, etc)
  • Mold Testing (Air, Surface or Bulk Sampling)
  • Allergen testing and screening
  • Moisture Survey or Full Inspection
  • Thermo-Imaging (Infrared Camera) identify wet or damp building materials.
  • Arsenic residue testing.
  • Consulting on how to care for your home to reduce the risk of health affects
  • Grading and Drainage assessments
  • Odor Surveys

Learn more about these hazards and about our qualifications to inspect for them in this website.

Certified Indoor Environmentalist
Certified Residential Mold Inspector
Mold remediation Specialist